Clams in shell by Food Photographer London

So out of the blue I receive an email from a Swiss Chef and food stylist, Thiery Fuchs, who was in the UK and wondering if I would like to do a test shoot with him.

Why not, I thought; nothing ventured, nothing gained. We booked a day in, had a couple of conversations to discuss some ideas and that was pretty much it. Nothing like a last minute inpromptu food photography shoot to push out the creativity boat.

Not only was it a great days shoot but it was also fascinating to hear about the food photography business in Switzerland.

We shot mostly on a fishy theme with some beef and a pizza thrown in for good measure.


Food photographer London_Fish-shot_Mackerel, Clamp, Samphire, Sprouts

As a London food photographer, it’s always good to work with a variety of food stylists to broaden ones experience and this made a great change for me as the images had a lovely moody editorial feel, rather than clean commerical.


Food PhotographerLondon_Black tortoleni with beef in consomme
Black tortoleni with beef and morrells in consomme


Arty Chicken with vegetables Cauliflower. Food photography by Food Photographer London, Michael Michaels
Roasted chicken breast with kale, cauliflower, apple and peas


With only minutes to spare, we managed to squeeze in a quick pizza…

Which was good as you can’t hang around shooting pizzas anyway


Food Photographer London-
Rustic ham and rocket pizza

Many thanks for Thiery of Fuchs and Corrà for all his hard work and getting in touch with me in the first place. I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot and look forward to the next one.

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