Chocolate Muffin photo by London food photographer Michael Michaels
Chocolate Muffin

While most of my work is for design and advertising agencies, I do occasionally get the opportunity to work for the odd restaurant, cafe or food startup, which I absolutely love.

Unlike working to a tight brief from an agency, the smaller businesses are often far more flexible on their requirement which gives us a greater opportunity for freedom in how we shoot the food.

Don’t get me wrong, working to a tight brief with a full-on creative team is fabulous too and I also love the technical nitty-gritty of getting every little detail spot on.

Here’s a case in point. I was recommended to shoot for a new Cafe in Baker Street, central London, called “Sweet Liberty” It’s a fabulous location very close to the Sherlock Holmes museum and as it’s on a corner plot, it has a lovely light feel to it.

Being new, and with plenty of wall space, the owner was keen to get some framed images of their beautiful food up on the wall and to use for their own marketing purposes. There’s a little history to the owner of his place too, it’s owned by the brother of none other, than the legendary boxer, John Conteh. Someone I clearly remember from my childhood and who was recently knighted.

If you need a reminder of what he looks like, here he is, sporting a fabulous tan, and receiving his MBE.

The Legendary, John Conteh receiving an OBE from the queen
The Legendary, John Conteh

So here’s a selection of some of the shots we took.

Photo of Ice cream Sundae on dark background by Food Photographer Michael Michaels
Ice cream Sundae

This beautiful Sundae was extremely tricky to shoot. There wasn’t quite enough product supplied but thanks to the skills of my food stylist, Trish Hurel, we got there in the end with this super colourful shot. Normally we would have dry ice for a shot like this but unfortunately, the delivery was delayed and we had to manage without. Just to be clear, no mashed potato was used in the making of this dish. It’s all real.

Photo of Raspberry Sorbet on dark stainless steel background
Raspberry Sorbet

While still in the cold, we thought we would push our luck and go for this raspberry sorbet too. again, very little product was supplied and this was our last attempt to get this to work before we run out. I particularly like the minimal number of colours in the shot, just 3 really, and that’s if you include the grey.

Photo of Tarte au Citron by London food photographer Michael Michaels
Tarte Au Citron

One of the tastiest I have tried. If you get a chance, pop in and try one for yourself.

Photo of Raspberry Tart, overhead, with white chocolate shavings by London food photographer, Michael Michaels
Raspberry Tart

Another tasty treat, tart and sweet at the same time. Delicious!

Photo of Ciabatta grilled vegetarian sandwich by London food photographer, Michael Michaels
Ciabatta grilled vegetarian sandwich

We finish off with a savoury, a delicious grilled sandwich, all vege too.

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