Tis the season for delicious plums(food photography)

Michael Michaels 2nd May 2018 Baked Plums in tray by London food photographer Michael Michaels

While shooting some desserts in the studio recently, these gorgeous plums were pulled out the oven and looked too good to ignore. This often happens when there is an opportunity of shooting a lovely shot¬† but it was never planned. It could just be when the food stylist is unpacking her food props for the food…

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Something Fishy Going On

Michael Michaels 5th March 2018 Clams in shell by Food Photographer London

So out of the blue I receive an email from a Swiss Chef and food stylist, Thiery Fuchs, who was in the UK and wondering if I would like to do a test shoot with him. Why not, I thought; nothing ventured, nothing gained. We booked a day in, had a couple of conversations to discuss…

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Sweet Potato Wedges

Michael Michaels 14th February 2018 Sweet Potato Wedges Photo by Food photographer London

Fancy a quick tasty and nutritious recipe, then these sweet potato wedges from a recent shoot, are just the thing for you and are also very quick and easy to make. Rich in vitamin A, C, B1, B2 and B6 as well as full of fibre and minerals, they are not only easy to make but…

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