One of the biggest things I’ve shot so far..


I was fortunate enough to work on  great ad campaign for Dairy Gold butter..and even more fortunate to work with a great team from McCann Erikson. I had to shoot 3 very close up shots to be used for a 48 sheet poster campaign. the final image of the peas was less than about 6 peas wide and this was blown up to 48 sheets, so you can see why it was the biggest thing I’ve ever shot.. Giant peas!!!

This was agreat fun to shoot yet at the same time, a major challenge. It was obviously critical that the peas looked really fresh and not dried out in any way, but also the “scoop” of butter had to be just the right shape with the right amount of melt on it.

Our initial tests were really promising, but of course, as we started fine tuning things, everyones patience was being tested until we finally had it, just the way we wanted it.

You can see the result below. You can imagine the impact when you drove past and saw giant size peas on an almost all green poster, with a giant scoop of melted butter..In fact, on one site, all three adds appeared side by side, awesome..and needless to say, the agency and client loved the results..

My thanks to Ray and the team for the opportunity to work with them on such a great and yet challenging project..It was right up my street.

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