Even after 20 plus years in the industry, it’s still always great to see your images in the public domain and any photographer that tells you otherwise, is just being a little bit smug, in my opinion.

So it was great to see one of out food pictures for an Anchor Cheese campaign, go SUPER LARGE recently; so big in fact that it was wrapped round a whole bus…to be driven round the country in an endeavour to get the British public to start eating cheese sandwiches again..

Not only were the shots wrapped round a bus but they were also projected on several prominent London Landmarks, including, Houses of Parliament, Marble Arch and Battersea Power Station. As can be seen above.

So go on, get out there and grab a cheese sarnie….

Do it for your country and enjoy…..

This campaign was for Anchor cheese and cheese photography was of course, by London Food Photographer, Michael Michaels..




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