Chicken burger in a bun with fries and a beer

Home on the range…

Fast food photography on the driving range. This time, it’s for Top Golf, an American golf driving range concept, getting bigger in the UK.

Chicken burger in a bun with fries and a beer
Chunky Chicken burger with fries

I have been photographing food for TopGolf for several years now and have to say, for fast food, theirs is generally at the higher end, with some great takes on the usual fast food classics, and some delicious extras, like tater totts, if you haven’t tried them, you must give them a go, they’re delicious!

Having photographed burgers and other fast foods for many years and for many clients, it’s always a lot of fun. I think part of the reason for this, is that they’re great comfort food, the kind we all crave when we’re really hungry and thinking about quick sensory satisfaction.

As always, I like to keep the lighting relatively simple, partly because we have a lot to get through but also because overcomplicated lighting is simply unnecessary and generally creates more problems.

So here are just a few from our most recent shoot for them.

photograph of Traditional fish and chips, on a metal tray with lemon wedge, tartare sauce, parsley garnish and a pint of neck oil ale in the background
Traditional fish and chips

Always tricky to get this looking fresh and piping hot, making the food look appetising and still true to the product. The directional lighting helps by adding additional contrast and definition.

Classic cheeseburger on slate with fires and onion rings
Classic cheeseburger
Large flat plates filled with Haloumi and walnut salads with a glass of wine and a coke on the side
Haloumi and walnut salads

Yes, if you’re looking for a healthier option, Top Golf can accommodate you too.

Beef and shrimp/prawn mini tacos on a dark surface with a beer and a coke, for sharing.
Beef and shrimp/prawn mini tacos
Chicken fillet and waffles stacked i a skillet
Chicken fillet and waffle stack

So fast food photography, as with most food photography, does have to be pretty fast, especially where there’s cheese or fresh leafy garnishes involved.

This has been just a very small selection of the shots we have taken on this particular project, if you are interested in seeing more, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page, here or email me directly [email protected]

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