Worldwide food wastage…

Staggeringly, it has been reported over the last few days that almost half the food produced in the world, which equates to 2 billion tonnes, is wasted, each year. Considering the the current world hunger situation, that’s a pretty worrying fact.

Many reasons are given for the food wastage, among them, was the particularly interesting one, which is that people now look for fruit and veg which is so unblemished and perfect shaped, that most misshapen or imperfect food, won’t even make it to the the stores. Sounds crazy but it’s true. So next time you are out shopping and are selecting your perfect samples, spare a thought for the ones that never made it.. In fact, I think you should go out of your way to pick the worse shaped ones you can find…and get them back into shops….

Back to a more serious note, whenever we are photographing food, we go out of our way to give any of the usable food to either neighbours, if the quantities are small, or to places that use it to feed the less fortunate. One such place which often gets a big delivery from us is Westbourne Church, in Westbourne Grove. Here, they hold regular open days where meals are provided for the homeless.

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