Tricks of the trade in food photography


It’s interesting that whenever I tell someone new and not related to the industry, what I do for a living, they almost always say something like;

“Oh yes, I know, you use mash potato for ice cream and you don’t use the real food”

In fact, people always assume that we are cheating in some form or other.. Well, the truth is, we don’t. In fact, we go to a lot of trouble not to, and apart from anything else, if we did cheat, we could be and more likely would be in a lot of trouble. What many people do not realize is that, often there is a legal representative at the shoot or the photo is approved by a legal department to make sure that we are being representative of the real product.

Our ability to make food look great and appetising is because we are experts at doing that. Experts in lighting, experts in preparing the food in the first place and experts in propping the food sympathetically, to get the best from it.

So really, if there were any tricks of the trades, they are really in the form of our skills which enable us to make our customers food look as delicious and mouthwatering as possible..

In the mean time, here’s some delicious food….with no tricks

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