Trout pate by London Food Photographer Michael Michaels

Trout-Pate photo by London Food Photographer Michael Michaels
Trout Pate

Food photographer London based Michael Michaels, has been shooting food now for over 25 years from his studio in West Central London close to fashionable Portobello Road. This shot of Trout Pate was photographed for editorial purposes and shot using daylight at Michael’s West London Studio

Photo of fresh dates from London Food Photographer
Fresh dates

During this time, most of Michael’s food photography has been for advertising, graphic design and PR companies, working extensively for a list of blue well known UK and international brands and mostly at his London studio.

As a food photographer, Michael strongly believes that the value of good quality food photography is priceless and that it helps massively in the sales of clients products. People eat with their eyes first and other senses second and seeing that delicious photo on a pack or in an ad is the frost thing that tempts people to want that product.

Food photography is very  much an acquired skill and to produce quality work takes years of experience, not just in knowing how to use the equipment, but also understanding the food and appreciating how to get the best from it. Different foods require different considerations, lighting, treatment and so on. There is no hard and fast rule; each food is different and behaves differently.

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