Talking food photography at the Speciality and Fine Food show 2017

Michael Michaels 7th September 2017 Speaker Badge fro London food photographer

It was a privilege and an honour to be asked to talk about food photography at London’s recent Speciality and Fine Food Fair this year, to a group of food companies. They were mostly start ups and from around the world too, not just the UK. Speaking at the Food for Thought stage at London…

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Quick, easy and delicious dessert

Michael Michaels 13th July 2017 Quick and easy dessert recipe photography

  We made this quick and easy desert for a recent test shoot and it was so delicious that we thought we’d share how to make it.   As the title suggests, it’s extremely quick, easy and perfect for impressing without having to spend too much time doing so. Perfect for Vegans too. &nbsp…

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Martini and Schweppes Drink Photography

Michael Michaels 8th June 2017 Martini Bianco with lime and Schweppes by LOndon food and drinks photographer, Michael Michaels

Our drinks photography for Martini and Schweppes of which I am very proud of, is now starting to hit the streets across Europe. Here are just a few of the combinations that we shot which were art directed and created by ad agency, Irish International Working with glass and liquids is pretty, and this brief was…

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